Why Young Men Are Affected by Erectile Dysfunction

Any erection involves such important factors as hormones, nerves, muscles, brain and circulatory system, and they all work together to fill penile area with enough blood. Those men who have erectile dysfunction have problems with achieving and keeping erections for their sexual intercourse. Some of them can’t get any erection completely, while others have problems with maintaining it for longer. Basically, there are different reasons that cause ED, but the good news is that most of them are treatable.

Prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction

There is a common misconception that ED is more prevalent among older patients, but this medical condition affects more and more young men in big numbers these days. According to the latest stats, a certain correlation exists between the percentage of male patients affected by male impotence and their life periods. For instance, around 40% of men have erectile issues in their 40s, while almost 50% men have the same problem in their 50s, and so on. For many of them, it’s quite embarrassing to discuss erectile problems, but they need to visit doctors to end up with the right diagnosis and treatment.

erectile dysfunction in young men

Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

The latest study suggests that this disease is more common among young men than it was previously considered. Doctors say that almost 26% of men who are younger than 40 are affected by ED nowadays, but the worst part is that almost half of them suffers from severe cases. Another major problem is that younger men with ED tend to smoke and use drugs more often, and this is what contributed to the development of male impotence.

Causes of ED in Young Men

There are many physical causes that may lead to erectile problems, but young men shouldn’t forget about psychological causes. For example, it can be a sign of other serious health conditions. When it comes to physical causes of ED, they include cardiovascular issues and diabetes, while the most common psychological causes are depression and regular stress. It’s necessary to treat the main causes of this disease to solve erectile problems. Many men find it helpful to make certain lifestyle changes, while others take specific meds or choose other treatment options.

Feeling of sexual excitement that results in erection starts in men’s brain, but there are some conditions, such as anxiety and depression, which interfere with this process. Regular stress about money, work and other things also contribute to the development of ED. Besides, drug and alcohol abuse are also common causes among young patients. Very often poor communication and relationships issues among partners cause sexual dysfunction, and this is what results in the circle of sexual failure that affects the quality of men’s life and leads to other sexual problems.

How to Treat ED

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