Warnings Associated with the Use of Generic Tadalafil

Generic Tadalafil is familiar to those men who suffer from erectile issues because this medication allows them to treat sexual function conditions, such as male impotence and erectile dysfunction. That’s because it works by increasing the blood flow in penile areas, thus, letting users get and maintain sufficient erections. Sometimes, this medicine is used to treat BPH because it helps men eliminate such symptoms as a weak stream and urinating urgently. However, there are some precaution and warnings that should be considered before using Tadalafil to be on a safe side and get all the benefits that it offers.

Important Warnings

tadalafil precautionsThe intake of this ED medicine is associated with priapism and prolonged erections that last for more than 6 hours and cause pain, so patients need to get medical help urgently when they notice this condition. If they have any pre-existing heart conditions, the intake of generic Tadalafil is associated with such adverse effects as heart attacks, chest pain, strokes, irregular heartbeats, palpitations, etc.

In rare cases men report sudden loss of hearing, dizziness, ringing in ears and similar symptoms. Once patients notice any changes in hearing, they need to stop this treatment and call their doctor. All PDE-5 inhibitors may result in NAION, a serious medical condition that leads to reduced vision and even blindness. That’s why all patients need to stop taking Tadalafil and go to the hospital once they notice any vision changes in their eyes.

Basic Precautions

Your doctor needs to know about the intake of generic Tadalafil, especially if you require any urgent medical care for heart conditions. When taking this medication for pulmonary arterial hypertension, physicians need to check your progress on a regular basis to determine whether this treatment works properly and decide if it’s necessary to keep taking it. It’s not allowed to take other PDE-5 inhibitors at the same time, especially if they contain the same active ingredient, generic Tadalafil, as this drug combination increases the risk of experiencing unwanted side effects.

This medication doesn’t protect users from sexually transmitted diseases, like AIDS and others, so they need to use effective protective measures to be on a safe side. Doctors also need to know everything about heart problems because of possible risks. It’s not recommended to start taking generic Tadalafil if patients also take nitrates or riociguats because of possible drug interactions.

When taking this medicine, you shouldn’t consume alcoholic beverages because they can increase the chances of getting dizzy and headaches while lowering blood pressure and increasing heart rates. For patients with diabetes, you should be careful when taking generic Tadalafil, and if you notice any sudden vision changes, you need to contact your physicians at once.

Finally, all men taking this PDE-5 inhibitor need to check with their doctors once they notice any sudden decrease in hearing, and this condition can be accompanied by such side effects as ringing in their ears and dizziness. Drinking grapefruit juice or eating grapefruits is a bad idea when taking generic Tadalafil because of it decreases the effectiveness of the drug. Before taking any other meds, patients should discuss possible risks and drug combinations with their doctors.